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US discovered how to screw up Russia and China's hypersonic weapons

The United States in the coming years, as long as it has no hypersonic weapons, will defend itself from Russia and China through containment. This is what the head of the US Armed Forces Strategic Command Admiral Charles Richard said.
According to him, and now the US is able to protect itself from the use of hypersonic weapons by Russia or China.

“We can be sure that they inflict losses that are considered unacceptable,” he said, pointing out that this would deter states from using hypersonic or other innovative weapons.

At the same time, Richard did not explain exactly how the US planned to do this in a hypothetical situation when a military conflict with another country had already begun.

He also answered a question about whether the Pentagon should focus on creating protections against hypersonic weapons, since the US, unlike Russia and China, now does not have such a weapon.

“In short, yes,” he agreed, noting that such expenditures are included in the federal budget for 2021.

In January, US General John Hyten acknowledged that in recent years the US has failed to develop hypersonic weapons: “In addition, the country was a leader in this area, but now it will take years to recover.”

In December, Pentagon Chief Mark Esper acknowledged the US backlog from Russia in developing hypersonic weapons. He noted that, if possible, the Department of Defense is “investing every dollar” to ensure the U.S. advantage in the field of hypersonic weapons.


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