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Twitter temporarily blocks US lawmaker's account

Twitter temporarily blocked an account of an ultra-right wing American lawmaker in the Republican Party, global agencies reported.
The lockdown came after Marjorie Taylor Green, a Georgia representative recently elected to Congress and sympathized in the past with the KeAnon conspiracy theory-proponent movement, expressed doubts about her state's runoff that took place on January 5. The lawmaker said on Twitter that there was fraud in the runoff without bringing evidence to support.Twitter first flagged the message so it couldn't be retweeted, but then decided to ban the account for 12 hours for violating the social network's ethics rules, BTA reports.

Taylor Green protested against the temporary blocking of her account. She said the Silicon Valley cartel launched an attack on several fronts to silence free speech in America by expelling Donald Trump from the platforms and purging a number of conservative accounts.

After the assault against the US Congress, Twitter permanently closed Donald Trump's account and removed 70,000 accounts linked to Kyanon. Facebook, on the other hand, closed Trump's account indefinitely and began removing all messages related to the slogan “Stop the theft” referring to the theft of the election. Google and Apple excluded the conservative social network Palmer, prized by Trump supporters, from their apps downloadable platforms, and Amazon threw it off its servers.


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