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Trump banned his staffers from listening to his phones because of...

U.S. President Donald Trump could ban his administration officials from listening to his phone calls with foreign leaders. “I can end the practice entirely,” Trump shared during an iHeart radio interview.
“This has been going on for years. When you call leaders of other countries, people listen,” Trump stated.

Trump's phone calls have been monitored by national security advisers at the White House, as well as senior State Department and intelligence service aides.

In the words of the American head of state, his conversations are listened to by up to 25 people, Bloomberg writes. According to the agency, all this is being done so that the clerks can be in class with the topics the president is discussing, and especially if other states distort the information they promulgate after the talks.

Trump, however, is unhappy with the fact that details of the talks reach the media (so, for example, became one of the reasons for the impeachment attempt, which passed in the House of Representatives and was suspended by the Republican majority in the Senate after the topics that Trump had discussed in conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky).


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