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Traffic traffic police scum all drivers: Apps suggestive of radar are...

Applications that hint at where there is a camera with traffic police radar are not necessarily bad - they also have a preventive effect.
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CAT warn drivers about the occurring deterioration of the weather and drive more carefully, but also not to rely on the apps on their mobile phones.

Here are the traffic police spy eyes photographed us on the road

Over 33,000 speeding violations have been detected for the holidays — until 3 January.

Interior: A great danger is coming to Bulgaria! Watch out for the next 4-5 days!

"Let drivers reduce speed and subsequently disrupt speed modes,” the police recommend.

The next few days, according to weathermen, real winter conditions are expected, and the rain will pass into snow.

The traffic police promise that the idea is “primarily to have a preventive effect by informing them” - not so much to sanction.

"The control will be “at any point of the country” - technical means will be used and in case of apparent violations the drivers will be stopped”, the uniforms promised. The most dangerous are the mountain sections — the passageways, as well as motorways, the police added.



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