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Thousands of people with Samsung phones numb with horror

If you are holders of a Samsung smartphone or another kind of smart technique from the Korean company, then the chance that you have received a strange message about a lost mobile device in the past night is great. The tech giant apologised for this with a post on Twitter making it clear it was a false alarm.
Dozens of users today shared on social networks their worries that their devices had been hacked as the message only contained two units.

It turns out, however, that there is no cause for concern, because it is a programmer error during internal tests at Samsung.

Object of the error have become people who have installed the Find My Phone application on their devices.

“This notification was sent accidentally during internal tests and have no impact on your devices.

Samsung apologizes for any inconvenience caused to its customers and will endeavour to prevent other similar cases in the future,” the company's apology reads.


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