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They recovered the faces of Siberian Tutankhamun and his mistress (Photo)

Russian scientists managed to recover the faces of Siberian Tutankhamun and his sacrificed mistress on the basis of their damaged skulls for 2600 years, writes in. The Daily Mail.
Their remains were found in an 80-foot mound in 1997. Half of the King's skull was missing, and the woman's was severely damaged. The mound was a mass grave in which 33 people and five children were offered as a sacrifice. They were supposed to accompany the ruler into his afterlife.

Now, with the help of modern science, the faces of Siberian Tutankhamun and his concubine have been restored in great detail. First, their three-dimensional models were built using laser scanning and photogrammetry. The project dragged on for months as part of the ruler's skull was missing. The reenactment presents the couple in royal garb, with furs and gold embellishments. They were found in the burial chamber. Initially, the woman was declared queen, but some historians suspect that she was the preferred concubine of the Siberian ruler, BTA reports.

In the words of the anthropologists Elizaveta Veselovskaya and Ravil Galeev, who carried out the reconstruction of the faces, the brain part of the ruler's skull was restored mirrored by the preserved piece of it.

The most laborious was the restoration of the facial part because it was largely missing. The pair were discovered in a wooden burial chamber inside the 80-foot mound. Nearby were found 9,300 gold ornaments with a total weight of 20 kilograms. The preserved lower jaw of the skull was very important because it recovered the destroyed upper part.

The Arzha-2" mound was opened in 1997 in Tuva in southern Siberia. The ruler's clothes were crammed with thousands of tiny gold panther figurines. The holder was buried with emerald beads, with a gold bracelet and a miniature gold cauldron. Nearby the mound were buried 14 stallion with gold, bronze and iron ammunition.


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