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They grafted two arms and two arms to a man in France

An Icelandic became the first patient to have two arms and two shoulders grafted during an operation carried out on Wednesday in France, France Press reported, citing Civil Hospices in Lyon (HCL).
The “bilateral hand transplant” carried out at Edouard Erio Hospital lasted 15 hours and required the mobilization of numerous medical teams, both state and private, the statement made by Citizen Hospices in Lyon said, the BTA reported.

A spokesman said the patient's condition was stable this morning.

According to the spokesman, this is a “world premiere” because it is not known that the hand transplants performed so far have included shoulders.

A number of local media reports that the patient's hands aged 48 are amputated at the age of 26 after being electrocuted with high voltage.

In 1998 in Lyon, Professor Jean-Michel Dubernard's team performed a first hand transplant, then another on two hands and lower forearms in January 2000.

The world's first complete two-hand transplant was carried out in July 2008 in Germany. The patient is a farmer who requires amputation of the upper limbs to the shoulders after an accident at work.

In France, in August 2017, a patient at Grenoble University Hospital successfully grafted her own limbs thanks to their timely placement in a refrigerated container, the agency recalls.

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