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They found breathable air outside our galaxy.

Humans have long dreamed of exploring and colonizing space beyond our galaxy, but for that there must be air first. Even if technical problems aside, there are other problems. One of these problems is that people have to breathe, and the oxygen needed to sustain human life has never been detected outside our home galaxy. So far, writes the British tabloid Daily Mail.
According to the publication of the publication, astronomers have identified molecular oxygen that forms breathing air, somewhere outside our own galaxy, the Milky Way, for the first time.

Atomic oxygen (O2) is the third most common element in the universe, after hydrogen and helium. With this in mind, scientists have long believed they can certainly find molecular oxygen in space outside our galaxy, but have never previously been able to do so, writes Focus.

Now, Zhunji Van and a team of astronomers from the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory have detected the presence of oxygen to breathe in a galaxy known as Markaryan 231, more than half a billion, yes, a billion, light years from Earth, near the constellation Great Bear, the Marcarian Galaxy is the mostclose to ours, which contains a quasar, as well as a supermassive black hole or two, according to the News Observatory.

Light wave readings are taken from the 30m IRAM telescope in Granada, Spain. These readings helped scientists find evidence of molecular oxygen in the Markarian 231 galaxy.


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