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They found a giant radio bridge between two galaxies

An international team of astronomers have discovered light-years of low-frequency radio bridge 6.5 million light-years long connecting two galactic clusters in the early stages of the process of their merger, writes the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper.
The research was published in The Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society is briefly presented by Science Alert. This is reportedly only the second such radiobridge detected by scientists for the entire time of sightings, Darik News reports.

It connects two clusters of galaxies located about three billion light years from Earth. This cluster was called Abell 1758. Scientists found that four galaxies are bracing for a collision: two massive pairs are expected to merge.

Both pairs have a radio halo, which is believed to have been created by the acceleration of electrons during synthesis. They are now separated at a distance of about 6.5 million light-years, which is slowly declining. They are connected by a low-frequency radio bridge.

It was discovered with the LOFAR radio telescope, which consists of 25 000 antennas. Astronomers recorded a clear 140-megahertz radio broadcast that spans the space between the A1758N and A1758S clusters. By the way, the radio bridge was previously detected at a frequency of 53 MHz.

Scientists believe that this radiation is evidence of the existence of a huge magnetic field connecting the two clusters. They suggest that if this field acts as a synchrotron (particle accelerator) and the electrons should be accelerated along it to relativistic speeds. At the same time, they create synchrotron radiation, which is recorded on Earth as a low-frequency radio signal.


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