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They created the first glowing tattoo that can be turned on and off

An international team of scientists created the first glowing tattoo that can be switched on and off and is 1/30 thick of the human hair, reported in. The Daily Mail.
The tattoo is a joint development of London's University College and the Italian Institute of Technology. It is in the realm of smart tattoos, which one day can be used to warn us if we have too much exposed ourselves to ultraviolet rays. The skin app could give us a sign if we've become dehydrated, BTA reported.

The five-layer temporary tattoo has a thickness of only 2.3 microns. It begins to phosphoresce with green light at a voltage of 8 volts. Miniature OLED diode are integrated into the device that sticks to the skin in the same way as children's decals when wet with water. OLED technology is highly energy-efficient and is used in TVs and smartphones of the latest generation.

During the tests, scientists were able to turn on the tattoo and attach it to glass, plastic, orange and wrapping paper. The light emitted was strong enough to be observed with the naked eye. During the experiments, the glowing tattoo was connected by wires, but in the future it is envisaged to be powered by a miniature battery or supercapacitors.

The development was made by Prof. Franco Caccalli of University College and Dr Jonathan Barzotti of the Italian Institute of Technology.


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