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The world benefits from China's technological innovation

The “Chan'u-5” probe returned to Earth with lunar samples, the Fundoochi batiskafe descended 10,000 meters below sea level, the fastest quantum computer in the world “Jiujan” was commissioned, completed the formation of the satellite system for global navigation “Beidou”... In 2020, China's major scientific and technological achievements continued to swarm one after another, Radio China reported.
Against the backdrop of unprecedented changes in the world and the pandemic of the new coronavirus, this year China has realized a number of scientific and technological achievements. All this is based on the need for high-quality development of the Chinese economy and is a key driving force to overcome difficulties in Chinese society.

In March 2020, during his visit to a center for prevention and control of the epidemic of the new coronavirus in Beijing, President Xi Jinping stressed: “Progress and innovation in science and technology is necessary for all mankind to heal from diseases and to master epidemics.”

From emergency drug delivery drones, through 5G remote diagnosis networks, to algorithms through big data that help detect potential infections, various cutting-edge technologies used in China's fight against the epidemic have made a big contribution to the rapid reining of disease and the resumption of production in the country. All this demonstrates China's progress and strength in technological innovation.

Opening up leads to progress, and innovation helps for a better future. Currently, the trend of the turbulent development of new technologies presented by the Internet of Things, 5G and artificial intelligence is unstoppable, and any country wishing to develop should not miss out on the opportunities they provide. In the future, technological innovation will give even stronger energy to China's high-quality development, provide benefits to the world and contribute to the recovery of the global economy from the pandemic.


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