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The warming of the ocean depths threatens marine life

At greater depth, the world's oceans are warming at a slower but more dramatic rate than on the surface, signaling grim prospects for deep-sea dwellers, DPA reported, citing a study published in the journal. “Nature Clymite Change.”
The study's authors found that the warming rate of oceans is double the surface. As a result, species that inhabit the depths are at less immediate risk, BTA transmits.

"By the end of the century, however, assuming that in the future greenhouse emissions will not be limited, not only more serious surface warming awaits us, but also the penetration of that heat to greater depth,” says study leader Isaac Britto-Morales of the University of Queensland. Australia.

The speed and direction of potential species displacement in warming oceans varied at different ocean levels, making it severely difficult for scientists in designing protected areas, researchers note.

"Whatever we do now, deep-sea marine life will face escalating threats by the end of the century because the surface has already warmed,” adds Professor Anthony Richardson from the University of Queensland.


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