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The sun erupted the strongest in years

Specialists recorded the sun's strongest eruption in three years, reported in. The Independent.
Sunday's eruption is of class M4.4 - the second highest. It triggered ultraviolet and X-ray radiation, which ionized the top of the Earth's atmosphere.

Solar flares are classified as A, B, C, M and X with four subclasses. Class A is background. The following increase in strength similar to the Richter scale, with each class 10 times more powerful than the previous one, BTA reported.

Although the eruption was the strongest in years, it was only noticed by specialists. Radio operators and seafarers may have reported a strange effect on frequencies below 20 MHz, wrote Dr Tony Phillips of SpaceWeather.

It is possible that this is due to the Sun itself, which has blocked some of the radiation. According to Dr Phillips, the site of the eruption is behind the southeast side of the star and it has overshadowed some of it. Therefore, it is possible that the eruption was also of the highest class X.

If the plasma and the accompanying magnetic field from the coronal mass ejection had reached Earth, we would have had a strong geomagnetic storm. As the spot of the sun from which the eruption is from will rotate towards us for a few days, it is possible that this will happen in the coming weeks.

In September, the Sun entered a new cycle, which usually increases eruptions. Solar activity will continue to rise until July 2025, when the star will reach its next maximum midway through the 11-year cycle.

The previous M-class eruption was in June, but it was weaker. A few hours later, there was a Class C eruption. /Hristina Terzieva/

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