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The first planetarium in Sofia opens in the spring

Sofia is the only capital in the European Union without a planetarium. The idea of its construction has been for 50 years, but so far it has not been realized. However, this is about to change already in the spring, Nova TV reports.
“We do it for better education of the young people and the entertainment of the guests. It's going to be a 5-foot hemispherical dome with a small symmetrical part underneath, it's like a screen under which people will be. We will be able to make movies ourselves.” This was told by Nedislav Veselinov, chief constructor of the project.

He shares that it drives the dream of being a generation that creates.

Veselinov explains that work with composite materials, on aviation technology - fiberglass and epoxy resin.

Behind the idea is a young team — some are masters, PhD students, doctors — others are students and students.

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