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The females among most mammals live longer than the males

European zoologists have found new evidence that men are programmed by evolution to die sooner than women. The results of a study showed similar differences in life expectancy in another 100 species of mammals living in different conditions, TASS reported.
“We found that females among mammals live on average 18.6 percent longer than males, and for half of the species studied, this indicator exceeds 20 percent. It is impressive that the differences are not associated with a higher rate of ageing in males, but with less mortality among the fairer sex in all age groups,” the scientists explained, BTA said.

World Health Organisation figures show that the average life expectancy of a person today is 72 years, with women living longer than men. An international research team led by Jean-Francois Lemaitre from the University of Lyon, France, found that this difference in life expectancy is not a human-unique feature, as some experts suggested, but a common feature for most mammals. Specialists came to these conclusions after combining life expectancy data among 100 mammal species living in 134 populations in different locations around the world.

The database in question made it possible to assess the life expectancy of females and males, the risk of death for them and their speed of ageing in childhood, adulthood and advanced age. Generally speaking, females among almost all mammal species live longer than males, and this is typical for all stages of life, not just for old age. There are also some exceptions - males among flying mice live 20-30 percent longer than females. This is also characteristic of lemurs, rabbits, guinea pigs.

The results of the study are published in the journal. “Protocols of the American Academy of Sciences.”


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