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The deadline for application in VIVACOM Regional Grant is extended

VIVACOM extends the application deadline in the sixth edition of VIVACOM Regional Grant until January 19, 2021 and is done by filling in an electronic form on the website
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Po this way the company provides another opportunity for organizations with good and innovative ideas to submit their applications.

The VIVACOM Regional Grant programme supports socially significant causes of civil organisations aiming at the development of local communities in small and large settlements through grant support (grant). The fund in the sixth edition of VIVACOM Regional Grant is BGN 60 000.

Each project can receive funding up to BGN 5,000 and its duration should be up to 1 year. The programme enables participants to apply with projects in various fields that would improve the life of the local community. There are no restrictions on the number of projects an organization can participate with.

The three main criteria of the programme are projects to be innovative, to involve the local community and benefit the community in implementing them.

The regional grant is implemented in partnership with the Bulgarian Centre for Non-Profit Law. The main objective of the programme is to support and stimulate people to develop their regions.

In the current five editions of VIVACOM Regional Grant 68 projects with a total value of over BGN 313,000 are supported. It involved nearly 19,500 people and established over 250 partnerships with businesses, institutions and other civil organisations.

The jury that will evaluate the projects this year is included: Veselka Vutkova, Director of Corporate Communications at VIVACOM, Iva Doychinova, activist and journalist for civil causes, Ivan Kanchev, co-founder of Bulgarian History Association, Rayko Baychev, journalist from the online media, Nadia Shabani, Director of the Bulgarian Center for Non-Profit Law.

More information and the conditions for applying in the Regional Grant can be found at


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