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The asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs fell at the deadliest possible angle

Excavations at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico have helped geologists establish that the giant asteroid that destroyed flora and fauna during the Mesozoic era fell to Earth at a very large angle, which is why the consequences of the collision were apocalyptic, according to the newspaper. Nature Communications.”
“Our estimates showed that the asteroid collided at a very large angle, reaching 60 degrees to the horizon. It was moving in the direction of the Earth from the northeast. This is the most dangerous scenario possible of a fall, since it has led to the ejection into the atmosphere of the maximum amount of dust and scattered it all over the planet. A real nuclear winter ensued,” said Gareth Collins, a geologist with London's Imperial College, who conducted the study.

65.5-66 million years ago, an asteroid with a diameter of about 10-15 kilometers fell on Earth. It leaves a giant 300-mile crater called Chicxulub in southern Mexico. Scientists have no doubt about the collision, but they are still arguing about its exact role in the extinction of dinosaurs and marine reptiles.

Collins' team, together with colleagues from the United States and Germany, produced an accurate three-dimensional model of the crater. Scientists conducted computer simulations of collision with different asteroids at different angles. The most likely model was responding to an almost vertical collision of the asteroid with our planet.


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