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Symptomatic cats can infect with COVID-19 other cats

Cats with COVID-19 that do not exhibit any symptoms of the disease can transmit the infection to other cats, research cited by The Associated Press and in. The Daily Mail.
Scientists who conducted the trials pointed out the need for additional data on whether the virus can be transmitted from humans to cats and then vice versa - from cats to humans. Peter Halhmann's team from the American Association of Veterinary Medicine took a strain of the new coronavirus from humans and infected three cats with it

. Each of the infected cats was then collected with healthy specimens. After five days, all three uninfected cats were already carriers of the disease. In doing so, none of the six cats involved in the experiment showed symptoms of COVID-19, BTA reported.

Cough, fever or weight loss has not been found. Specialists point out that infecting cats in a laboratory environment does not mean that they can easily be infected with the same virus under natural conditions.

Halfman recommends cat owners strictly adhere to hygiene requirements, not to kiss them. Surfaces must be regularly disinfected so as to make possible transmission of the virus difficult.


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