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Special team will check Facebook posts from Bulgaria and Hungary

Control assigned to two journalists
Facebook introduces new regulations in Bulgaria and Hungary. A team will check posts on the social network for false or misleading information.

Two journalists - one of the two countries, join the European team of Facebook, which monitors the content of the network. The aim is to limit the spread of:

Posts inciting violence in the real world;

Manipulated photos and videos presenting false events and allegations;

Conspiracies inciting violence;

Suppression of voter rights;

Information that violates Facebook rules;

False statements related to COVID-19 and coronavirus vaccines.

Posts with similar content will be marked or removed, and the activity of accounts distributing such content may be restricted. This includes both ads and users that spread “spam” content as well as so-called “clickbeit” titles - posts that aim to generate revenue through clicks, NOVA points out.

The team responsible for content regulation will navigate through alerts, reported posts or comments claiming that the information is incorrect or incorrectly submitted.

Regulations are expected to come into force in the next few weeks.


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