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'SpaceSex' postponed for Sunday flight into space

The U.S. company SpaceSex postponed its second manned flight into space by a day - until Sunday, because of bad weather, the Associated Press and Reuters reported.
SpaceSex's Dragon capsule, which was named Resilience by the crew, is due to be launched with a Falcon 9"s rocket on Sunday at 7:27 US Eastern Standard Time (00:27 Greenwich on Monday) from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral.

The crew of the flight to the ISS are Americans Victor Glover, Shannon Walker and Mike Hopkins and Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi. Their flight to the ISS is believed to be the first operational mission for Spassex's Dragon capsule, BTA reported.

News of the postponement was reported after SpaceSex President Elon Musk revealed he had received confusing results from tests for covid-19 and that he was expecting a result from a new test.

NASA chief Jim Bridenstein said that under NASA policy, anyone who tested positive for Covid-19 should quarantinate and remain in isolation. Tracking contacts at SpaceSex found no connection between Musk and members of the company's staff who communicated with the four astronauts approved for the flight.

"I can assure everyone that we take good care of the crew and all the personnel important to the launch,” said Benji Reid, director of the space flight program at SpaceSex.

It was not clear whether Musk would be allowed to the launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center even if his Covid-19 test was categorically negative.

Recommendations to restrict access to astronauts before a flight are strict to keep them healthy and safe, said Norm Knight, deputy manager at NASA.

"No one is above that. It doesn't matter if you're Elon Musk or Jim Bridenstein,” Knight said at a news conference. “If the requirements are not met or some of them are violated, we will not allow you to the crew,” he was adamant.

Musk wrote on Twitter that he tested positive for Covid-19, then two of his tests were negative and then tested again. In recent days, he did not feel very well, had a cough and a slight fever, but no longer had symptoms.

The entrepreneur wrote that his first tests were quick and expected results from laboratory tests. Fast tests that give a result in 15 minutes are less sensitive than laboratory ones that are processed for hours.

SpaSex's flight was scheduled for Saturday, the four astronauts — three Americans and a Japanese — will head to the ISS on Sunday. In May, at the launch of the first astronauts with the SpaceSex ship, Musk was in the control room of the Kennedy Space Center.

The four astronauts will be on a mission aboard the ISS for about six months and will be replaced in the spring of next year by a new SpaseSex crew.


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