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“Space X” launched its Dragon cargo ship

The US company Space X launched its Dragon cargo ship with supplies and technical equipment for the International Space Station /ISS/, TASS reported.
The carrier rocket “Falcon-9" launched from the spaceport in Cape Canaveral. The cargo ship for the 21st time delivers cargo to the ISS. For the first time, the revamped Dragon model is used, which can carry on board with 20 percent more payload. The spacecraft will deliver research equipment, food supplies and equipment to the orbital station, BTA reported.

Approximately 9 minutes after launch, the first degree of the carrier rocket made an automatic landing on the special platform in the Atlantic Ocean. The docking with the ISS is expected to take place today at 20:30 Bulgarian time.

“ Dragon” will orbit about a month, then return to Earth with research results and other loads.


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