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See what smarphones do to children under 5 years old

Even children under 5 years of age do not fall asleep because they spend too long in front of screens of TVs and smartphones, reports in. The Daily Mail.
Dr Catherine Hill, from Southampton Children's Hospital, urged parents to encourage their children to play outside and not stay up late at night in front of screens of TVs or smartphones, instead falling asleep.

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Analysis of the results of over 30 studies involving 60,000 children showed that sleep problems have even the age of 5. Dr Hill and her colleagues at Strathclyde University found that time spent in front of screens was directly linked to worse sleep in preschool children, and playing outside with better sleep.

"While it has been found that reduced physical activity and increased time in front of screens have a negative effect on older children's sleep, little was known about this relationship in children under 5 years of age,” Dr. Hill said. “This is about the first study that combined data on the spent in front of screens time at a very young age.

Results show a link between long time spent in front of screens and poor sleep in preschool children. Adequate sleep plays an important role in children's health and development - insufficient sleep in early childhood is linked to obesity later in life and affects early brain development. '


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