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Scientists: Human-made is about to exceed Earth's living mass

The mass of man-made, such as buildings, roads and machinery, will exceed Earth's biomass for the first time in history, DPA reported.
Scientists at the Weitzman Institute in Israel say humanity and Earth are at the border of a tipping point in 2020 because the mass of all man-made materials have aligned with the mass of flora and fauna - trees, plants, animals, bacteria, fungi.

Israeli specialists predict that human-produced mass is twice as much as biomass by 2040. Until then, the concrete, steel and plastic “jungle” created by humans will weigh at least two teratons, BTA reported.

"Of course, it is impossible to weigh all the mass on Earth. That is, the presented numbers are an optimal estimate with a deviation of plus or minus six years,” - said team leader Prof. Ron Milo.

The study, the results of which are published in the magazine. Nature is the first to compare man-made mass to biomass.

The results “show how much our global footprint has exceeded “the size of our shoes.”

"We hope that once we have these shocking data in front of our eyes, we will be able to take responsibility as a species,” he added.


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