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Scientists have developed a method of detecting severe forms of COVID-19

Swiss scientists, in collaboration with colleagues from France and Germany, developed a method allowing early stage detection of patients in whom Covid-19 can pass into severe form, the University of Zurich site reported, cited by BTA.
Researchers have come to the conclusion, that for a reliable indicator can serve cytoxic T-lymphocytes present in the blood, or T-kilers responsible for dissolving damaged cells.

The team under the guidance of Prof. Burkhard Becher found that as a biomarker for detecting patients with potentially severe disease outflow, it served them the amount of T-kilers in their blood. “T cell count could be used to predict severe Covid-19 cases with a high degree of accuracy, even if the patient had only been hospitalised for one day,” said Prof. Becher.

In Covid-19, T cells act in a manner that is characteristic only of this disease. By comparing the immune response of coronavirus patients and that from a control group, scientists could clarify this feature. The Swiss team did not specify in the presence of what amount of T-kilters the more severe course of the disease was supposed.

The new test will help doctors to make decisions on the necessary treatment and organizational events for the placement of a patient in an intensive therapy unit.


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