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Scientists explain why we shouldn't exterminate spiders at home

Few are the ones who like the spider web in the house. Even less pleasure is the spider running on it, and the owners of the home often “raise the crosshairs”. However, this behavior is wrong, US scientists explain, quoted by the portal Med Heal.
Entomologists at the University of North Carolina note that there is hardly a home in the world that is not inhabited by spiders. For the purposes of their research, scientists have checked dozens of houses and made sure of it.

"Spiders are very important arthropods for your home's ecosystem. They bite almost all kinds of insects and can rid your dwelling of flies and mosquitoes, for example. In addition, spiders do not neglect their own kind. Most insects that become their prey may pose a certain threat to humans,” explained the BTA quoted researchers.

In general, we can assume that spiders protect us from harmful insects. For this reason, they should not be exterminated. In addition, it should be borne in mind that spiders are usually settled in people's homes, which are harmless to them.

"Most spiders are poisonous creatures, but their venom, given its small volume and small arthropods teeth, cannot seriously harm humans. And do not believe in the myths that spiders walk on you when you sleep. The truth is that the grunting and snoring scare them”, the entomologists added.


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