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Scientists doubt the existence of dark matter

Scientists from the United States, Britain and the Republic of Korea express a suggestion that dark matter does not exist. Their study, according to which people may not fully understand the laws of gravity, was published in the magazine. “Astrophysicle Journal,” BTA quoted.
Dark matter is thought to make up 85 percent of the universe and creates gravitational forces that move stars and galaxies. The mysterious matter in question has never been directly observed. The concept of dark matter has been introduced to explain the problem of hidden mass in space. According to the laws of celestial mechanics, visible astronomical objects must behave in a certain way. In reality, however, their behavior is different from expected, as if invisible forces are acting on them.

According to the authors of the present study, all gravitational forces in space can be explained mathematically, therefore, dark matter theory is not necessary.

Researchers refer to an alternative theory of gravity proposed in the early 1980s by Israeli physicist Mordechai Milgrom called Modified Newton Dynamics (MOND).

Milgrom argues that gravitational rules in space are different from Newton's law of gravity. According to the modified Newton dynamics, the movements of an object in the universe depend not only on its own mass, but also on the gravitational attraction of all other masses in space - the so-called external field effect.

In their study, international specialists who used observations from the Spitzer Space Telescope claim to have found signs of the external field effect in 153 galaxies. This could mean that our understanding of gravity in space is incomplete, and any inconsistencies can be explained using mathematics.

The new hypothesis is about to be tested on other astronomical objects such as galactic clusters.


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