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Scientists discover China's largest cluster of dinosaur traces

An international team of scientists announced Thursday that it had discovered a site with more than 900 fossilised dinosaur tracks over a 9,000 square metre area. It is also the largest ever trove of dinosaur tracks in China, Radio China reports.
The site is located in a copper mine in Jaozzue County in southwestern Sichuan province.

From 2017 to 2019, paleontologists from China, the US and Germany, found at least 933 traces of dinosaurs dating back 100 million years ago at the site, through excavations and using drones. Some of the found traces of zevropods and ornithopods are the largest found in China, respectively 80 m and 52 m.

The parallel traces left by ornithopods prove that this species of dinosaurs lived in groups rather than independently, as previously thought.

The findings were published in the international scientific journal Geoscience Frontiers in late February.


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