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Scientists develop ultrafast insulin

Researchers at Stanford University are developing a new formula of insulin that begins to work almost immediately after injection and its impact potential is about four times faster than the now-existing fast-acting insulins, the electronic edition MedicalExpress reported.
Scientists focused on the so-called monomeric insulin, whose molecular structure should in theory allow for the faster action compared to other forms of insulin, BTA reported.

"Insulin molecules are good in themselves, so we wanted to develop a “magical fairy-tale powder” to add and solve their stability problem,” says Eric Appel, a professor of materials science and engineering sciences at Stanford. “People often focus on therapeutic agents in the formula of the drug, but by looking at the action of additives, of inactive substances, we can make really big progress in the efficacy of the drug,” he explains.

After reviewing and using a wide spectrum of polymers, the researchers found one that stabilized monomeric insulin over a period of over 24 hours. For comparison, popular on the market formulas are stable for six to ten hours. The ultrafast action of this insulin was then confirmed in tests on pigs with diabetes. The results of the study are published in the journal”.“Cyons Translational Medisin.” Now scientists are conducting additional tests to prepare the formula for clinical trials in humans.


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