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Scientists created a robot out of ice to explore Antarctica and other planets

Scientists from the United States have created the world's first robot out of ice, writes Popularnaya Mechanics.
The development of specialists from the University of Pennsylvania weighs 6.3 kilograms and is called Icebot.

According to the developers, the unique robot is suitable for work in extreme conditions, for example, for research Antarctica and even on other planets, BTA transmits.

Scientists note that one of the drawbacks of other modern robots that are sent to other space objects is that sooner or later they “go out of line” and cannot be fixed. According to specialists, the use of ice can prove to be an easy and inexpensive alternative to complex composite materials that are not subject to repair, especially on other planets.

The advantage of Icebot is that it will rely on a special function of “self-healing with improvised means,” for example ice.

Tests carried out so far show that the ice robot does not “break apart” even when moving in a room at room temperature. The icebot, moreover, is able to climb a plane with a slope of 2.5 degrees.

However, it is obvious that this unique robot has its drawback - it is only suitable for use in cold places and planets.


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