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Russia ready to offer Turkey fifth-generation fighter jet technology

Russia sees an opportunity to co-operate with Turkey in the field of establishing a fifth-generation TF-X national fighter jet, including to develop engines, avionics, onboard systems, glider and airman security systems, TASS reported. This is what the head of the Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation Dmitry Shugaev said today in an interview with the Turkish television channel Ekotürk.
He recalled that Turkey is working on the creation of a fifth-generation national fighter jet TF-X, BTA says.

There are potential interesting directions in which we could provide technical assistance, given our experience in developing and producing the latest aviation equipment, Shugaev said.

In August 2019, during the 14th International Aircraft Lounge, Shugaev announced that Russia and Turkey were ready to discuss an industrial partnership in the development of the Turkish fighter jet.

TF-X is a fifth-generation fighter jet project developed by Turkish aerospace industry company TAI to replace US F-16 aircraft. In November 2017, then-Turkish Defence Minister Nurettin Djanicli said many countries were involved in the implementation of the project, including Britain, but Turkey acted so that it was not ultimately dependent on one country or one company.

Shugaev also announced that Turkey and Russia are discussing possible options for cooperation in the field of joint production of aviation equipment and air defense equipment.


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