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Researchers think they saw an unknown species of whale off Mexico

Researchers think they have discovered an unknown species of beaky whale off the western Mexican coast, Reuters reported.
If this is confirmed, the discovery will be very significant.

Marine biologists from the Scripps Oceanographic Institute came across three unusual specimens while observing beaky whales on November 17 near the Mexican islands of San Benito, about 500 km from the US border, BTA reports.

"These animals came to the surface right next to the ship,” Jay Barrow told the team. “It was a phenomenal encounter. It is very rare to see a beaky whale, and to come across a friendly group of such whales is even more unusual.”

Biologists initially did not realize that they were seeing an unknown species of whales. They didn't realize that until they started researching the photos.

The teeth of the potential new species are located differently. Underwater records of animal-issued sounds also show that they are unique.

Scientists await the results of analysis of water samples in which there may be cells suitable for DNA testing. It will show whether whales are a new species to science.

The beaky whales live in remote areas. In length they reach up to 5 m, but they are difficult to observe because they swim and feed at a depth of about 900 m. On the surface, they only come out to breathe.


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