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Remains of dozens of mammoths were discovered in construction of new Mexico airport

Archaeologists found the remains of more than 60 mammoths off Mexico's capital, at the site where the new airport is being built, DPA said, quoted by BTA.
Almost all the bones found are of the Colombian mammoth species, Pedro Francisco Sanchez Nava of the National Institute of Anthropology and History told local daily Excelsior. The remains are believed to be more than 35,000 years old.

A team of nearly 30 experts is searching for remains of the site, which is about 50 km northeast of the town of Varna. Mexico. An air base is being reconstructed for civilian purposes.

The excavation of the construction site also found bones of other animals - bison, camels, horses and graves with human remains. The mammoth bones were found in the stretch, which stretches between the airport's future control tower and runways. The findings are not expected to delay construction.


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