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Prof. Margarita Apostolova: The origin of COVID-19 is not laboratory

The origin of the COVID-19 virus is not laboratory. This was said by the Head of the Laboratory of Medico-Biological Studies at the Institute of Molecular Biology of BAS Prof. Margarita Apostolova, quoted by Focus.
In her words, scientists would not have chosen this way of contamination to make a biological weapon. Only 4% is the difference between the bat virus and the current COVID-19, she also said, explaining that this is linked to more than 50 years of virus evolution.

“The S-protein or spikes on the crown determines how this virus gets caught and enters us. It is precisely modifying this that would attract the attention of a number of scientists if they wanted to create something bad. In other words, they would hardly want to make an improved vaccine, for example. However, it can be seen that in the current virus, the sequence of amino acids, and if launched on mathematical modeling that has already been done, it is found that this sequence has a very low capacity to bind for the receptor in our body. In other words, if scientists had conducted such studies, they would hardly have chosen exactly this sequence, for the reason that they would have lowered the activity of the virus,” she explained.

If different scientific grounds appear in the future that COVID-19 is intentionally created, they will be presented, said Prof. Margarita Apostolova.


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