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Prof. Leander Litov: CERN experiments will not be cancelled

“There will be no cancellation of experiments in the European Organisation for Nuclear Research. The planned will be done and completed. The deadlines are shifted by 2-3 months”. That's what Prof. Leander Litov, head of the team of Bulgarian scientists working at CERN, reported BNR.
He shared that he worked for 30 years at CERN and was denied access for the first time:

“The organization has been closed since mid-March, but we are actively working, access to the equipment is limited... There's a small team of people who give duty and maintain the equipment. We'll probably be like this for another month, a month and a half.”

Prof. Litov specified by what the organization was late in its work.

“We are late from the accelerator update schedule and preparation of the experimental accelerator launchers”.

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