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New social network gains momentum after Trump's shutdown from Twitter

Social network Gab has benefited from the removal of a number of Twitter accounts, including that of President Donald Trump, and the shutdown of its rival Parler to gain hundreds of thousands of new subscribers in a few hours, France Press reported.
Currently between 600,000 and 700,000 users sign up to Gab every day, co-founder and CEO of the platform created in August 2016 Andrew Torba said in a Twitter message.

Gab has registered over 40 million individual visitors in the past week, four times its total traffic for the whole month of December, the website SimilarWeb said.

Gab has not reported how many subscribers it currently has. Its latest annual report, published in April 2019, talked about over 900,000, BTA reports.

As of today, Gab's main competitor in the field of unlimited freedom of speech - Parler - has been excluded from the internet. Previously, Amazon stopped Parler's access to its servers, and Google and Apple removed it from their app download platforms.

Bag said he was in touch with Donald Trump's surroundings to give him a real Gab account, which has already been prepared. Currently, in this social network there is only an account in which Trump's posts from Twitter with 1.1 million subscribers were copied.

Like Parler, Gab has established itself as a refuge for Donald Trump supporters and more broadly for the political right, though denying any political etiquette.

Andrew Bag assures that Gab protects legitimate expression of opinion and removes content with incitement to violence and pornographic content.


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