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New NASA chief took office and promised a new space age for US

Former US Democratic Congressman Bill Nelson, flying into space aboard the shuttle Columbia, has been sworn in as the new head of NASA, France Press reported.
He uttered the oath to US Vice President Kamala Harris, and the ceremony was attended by NASA bosses under Barack Obama and Donald Trump - Charles Bolden and Jim Bridenstein. According to Nelson, who is 78 years old, this illustrates continuity in space governance, where there should be no division on a political principle. “A new space age begins,” Nelson stressed.

However, his task will not be easy. He will be running NASA at a time when it will have to deal with several major challenges. First and foremost is the program of returning an American to the moon, whose ambitious schedule envisions this happening in 2024. NASA, moreover, is turning increasingly to commercial partnerships that need to be sustained. And President Joe Biden said he wanted to put climate change research at the center of NASA's missions, BTA reports.

In 1986 Bill Nelson was on a six-day mission into space with the shuttle Columbia and commander was then his predecessor at the helm of NASA Charles Bolden.

Otherwise, Nelson was elected to the House of Representatives from 1979 to 1991 and then to the Senate from 2001 to 2019. Nelson is believed to be in a close position to Biden and that he will be able to push his ideas ahead of him.

Congressional Senate is about to approve American astronaut Pamela Melroy as Nelson's replacement. She is a pilot and is one of two women who operated a shuttle to the International Space Station.

And this weekend Kamala Harris was appointed at the head of the National Space Council, tasked with orienting the government's space policies. At Trump's time, that body was headlined by Vice President Mike Pence. It was created precisely in the time of Trump.


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