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New Martian probe will have a caption thanking medics

NASA's next Perciviarans probe, set to head in July to Mars, will honor all first-line doctors and medical workers around the world in the fight against the new coronavirus, the Associated Press reported.
The US space agency announced that a metal commemorative sign would be attached to the probe. It has been made in recent months of aluminum in black and white, measuring eight by thirteen centimeters. On it is depicted the Earth on a pedestal around which the snake wrapped itself - a symbol of medicine and healing. Around the planet is also depicted the trajectory of the probe, BTA transmits.

Healthcare workers were on the front line to keep us safe, during preparations for the launch of the probe, said Matt Wallace, deputy project manager at NASA's Pasadena Laboratory.

"They really inspired us all along, and I hope that in return this sign and this mission will be able to inspire them at least a little bit too,” Wallace added.

The probe's space launch is planned by NASA for July 20 even at a time when the number of Covid-19 cases in Florida continues to grow.


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