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Netherlands with new coronavirus test - you walk into a room and shout

Dutch Peter van Vez has invented a new type of coronavirus test, German newspaper BILD reports.
In order for it to be made, you do not need tampons: just a person enters a special cabin and calls. A device analyzes the aerosols released from the body and will provide the result in 14 seconds. The test has already been approved for use in the Netherlands, and Germany plans to do so in the coming weeks, Focus reported.

Peter van Vez, creator of the new QuBA quiz tells of his invention: To enter the cockpit. First, air is sucked out of it and purified at 100%. It gets cleaner than the one in the O.R. And then people start screaming — about 8-10 seconds, then the lights go back on. Everything gets sucked in there in a special compartment. From this room, air enters the dryer, and from it into this device. Everything is very simple, fast and accurate. And one more advantage: there is no garbage, everything is done non-invasively and super fast. That's all. Quickly, which means that the result can be seen only after 14 seconds. The whole test lasts approximately one minute. Up to four people can be tested simultaneously”.

Specifies that QuBA can be located in test centers and airports. And it can be used before major events, for example, football matches, concerts, etc.

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