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NASA: Sun enters new cycle - will strongly influence Earth's technique

The sun has entered a new cycle, reported the British in. The Independent.
The solar cycle 25, as is its official name, is a sign that solar activity will strongly influence Earth's technique and astronauts in orbit, it emerged at a NASA press conference, BTA reports.

Solar activity changes over a cycle of eleven years, with the star transitioning from passive to active state and then calming down again. These periods are known as sunny weather, and although they have been under surveillance for hundreds of years, many of their processes and effects on Earth remain a mystery.

Changes in solar weather affect astronauts in orbit, where they are not protected by Earth's magnetic field and can be struck by dangerous amounts of radiation. They can also cause serious disruptions to Earth's radio communication technologies. Therefore, experts advise the beginning of each new solar cycle to be used to plan measures against the effects of solar activity in the years ahead.

"There's no bad weather, there's bad preparation,” says Jake Bleecher, chief scientist at the Human Research and Operations Directorate at NASA. “Space time is what it is, and our job is to prepare.”

The solar minimum, which marks the end of the previous cycle, occurred in December 2019, according to NASA. As the sun enters the new cycle, giant explosions can be expected on its surface to dump light, energy and solar matter into space, NASA noted.


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