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NASA specialists have admitted we may be alone in the universe

A NASA mission has shown there are fewer galaxies than specialists previously thought, creating the possibility that humanity is only in the universe, Fox News reported.
The New Horizons mission, which took the first close-up photos of Pluto, provided enough data for specialists to determine that galaxies were probably hundreds of millions rather than two trillion, as they had previously thought, BTA reported.

"We just don't see light from 2 trillion galaxies” - said study leader Mark Postman.

The previous concept of 2 trillion galaxies was based on data from the Hubble Telescope. Scientists used a mathematical model to determine that 90 percent of galaxies in the universe are beyond Hubble's capacity to register visible light.

The New Horizons probe is on its way to interstellar space, similar to Voyager before it. The fact that it's near the edge of the solar system allows it to see the surrounding sky 10 times darker than from the Hubble site.

"This kind of measurements are extremely difficult. Many people have tried to do it,” explained study co-author Todd Lauer. “New Horizons” gave us space for observation so that we could measure the cosmic optical background better than ever before.”

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope may help specialists learn more, but its launch has been postponed yet again because of the Covid-19 pandemic. /


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