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NASA extended its missions on Mars and off Jupiter

NASA has extended its InSite missions to Mars and Juno (“Juno”) off Jupiter because of their extraordinary scientific success, Fox News reported, as cited by BTA.
The two missions “increased our knowledge of the solar system, as well as raised disparate questions” - NASA based after a specialist report.

The Juno spacecraft made a number of discoveries about Jupiter, filmed “snow-white” oval storms and very remarkable, previously unseen footage.

"Juno” was launched in 2011 and had to stop work this year. However, the programme was extended until September 2025, or until the life of the apparatus ended. “Juno” will continue to monitor the gas giant, its rings and moons, flying close over its natural companions Ganymede, Europe and Io.

The mission of the downhill apparatus “InSite” was extended until at least December 2022. The robot will continue to collect seismic and weather information on Mars and do research with its heating probe. After landing on the planet in November 2018, InSite took a host of incredible photos and discoveries. In April, it recorded a tremor on Mars for the first time, and in September 2019 he detected bizarre tantrums of magnetic pulses.

NASA's long-term goal is to send a manned mission to Mars.


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