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Musk: Starship ship ship's first test flight into Earth orbit will be next year

The first test flight on an Earth orbit of the US company Space X's Starship is likely to be in 2021, US entrepreneur Elon Musk announced, speaking at a video conference dedicated to the problem of manned flight to Mars, TASS reported.
Starship prototypes have not risen above 150 meters. When asked when the first flight of Earth orbit would be, Musk replied “probably next year.” However, he did not rule out Starship's first flights not being successful, due to the fact that the company “operates in uncharted territory.”

"No one has ever produced an orbital rocket entirely for repeated use before,” he added.

The head of Space X said the spacecraft, designed for flights to the Red Planet, must “perform hundreds of missions with satellites before flying with people on board,” BTA reports.

Elon Musk also revealed that the company will start producing the first third-degree prototype of the ultra-heavy carrier rocket for the Starship as early as “this week.” At the same time, “Space X” tries to simplify the configuration of the ship's booster block, while increasing thrust.

In May, a Starship prototype exploded during testing on a polygon in the area of Boca Chica, Texas. The vessel's trials ended in similar explosions in April and February this year, and also in November last year. In early August, the spacecraft's prototype made its first successful flight, rising to an altitude of 150 meters.

The reusable spacecraft is designed for flights to Mars and accommodates up to 100 people.


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