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Microsoft plans changes to Windows 10 Start Menu - simple and clean

Microsoft is considering making some changes to Windows 10's Start Menu.
During an episode of the Windows Insider podcast, the company has said it can reduce the focus on interactive menu tiles, reports online edition The Verge, reported.

The software giant wants to distinguish “visually the Start menu from something that's chaotic colors to something that's more uniform.” This means that the company wants to reduce the variety of colors in the tile and make it look more clean and simple.

This will make it easier for users to view menu information faster and navigate to the desired item. Microsoft has been considering and trying different formats of the Start menu for quite some time. Interactive tiles are a remnant of Windows 8, where they were first introduced as a separate interface.

However, it was not accepted by users and the company eventually removed it from Windows 10. As a compromise, she left the tiles inside the Start menu, saying she still likes this item and doesn't plan to remove it completely. This does not mean that they will not be changed over time.

Interactive tiles are even completely missing from Windows 10X - the version of the operating system for devices with two displays. However, it also has quite a few other interface changes that take advantage of the peculiarities of this type of devices. Therefore, it should not be considered that necessarily this will be the new path of Windows design.


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