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iPhone and iPad error makes it easier for hackers to steal data over email

Apple plans to fix a bug that security company ZeCops says may have allowed hackers to attack half a billion iPhones. The bug that also appeared in iPads was discovered by ZeCops when it investigated a sophisticated cyberattack on a customer in late 2019, Reuters reported, quoted by Czech news site
ZeCops focuses on mobile security. Its chief executive, Zuk Abraham, has found evidence that device vulnerabilities were exploited in at least six cyberthefts.

Privacy will be guaranteed, Google and Apple promise. They use user data to warn of cyber infection.

Apple's spokesperson has confirmed the vulnerability in Apple's electronic software on the iPhone and iPad, known as the Mail app. It claims the company has developed an app that will be part of an upcoming update for millions of devices sold around the world. However, he refused to comment on Abraham's study, which found the flaw had already been exploited by hackers against some users.

According to Abraham, in order to carry out the attack via the Mail app, a blank e-mail was probably sent to the victims, which resulted in an error and a reboot of the device. However, this opens the door for hackers who can steal other data from the device, such as photos and contact details. The error could then provide access to everything it had access to, including confidential messages.

Zecops found that the attack was used with one of its customers in North America, but did not specify his name. The company also found evidence of related attacks on employees of five other companies in Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Apple is perceived as a company with a high standard of digital security. Any successful technique of hacking an iPhone can affect millions of people, because the company's devices are very popular. According to Apple data, the company had about 900 million devices in active use, writes


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