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International Space Station can work for another 10 years in its current form

The International Space Station (ISS) could operate for at least another decade as it stands, DPA reported, citing Roscosmos Director General Dmitry Rogozin.
“We regularly check the material and technical condition of the station modules,” says Rogozin, as quoted by RIA Novosti and BTA.

ISS is an orbital laboratory tasked with carrying out scientific experiments that would be impossible on Earth's surface. The station, which has been operating for two decades, mainly Russian and American crews cooperate.” Without substantial adjustments, the ISS can certainly function for another 10 years,” says Rogozin.

Although at this stage there is no formal agreement for the station to continue operating for so long, it is believed that it will operate for at least another eight years, adds Roscosmos's Director General.


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