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In the UAE, they developed a laser, which in seconds established COVID-19

In a laboratory in the United Arab Emirates, a technology was developed to quickly detect the presence of COVID-19 using a laser, RIA Novosti reported.
The laser recognizes the virus immediately after it enters the blood cells. A mass screening can be carried out with the apparatus, with the results ready in a matter of seconds, the head of the laser developing group Dr Pramod Kumar announced.

He added that the laser was convenient to use and not expensive.

The device can be used not only in hospitals, but also in public places such as cinemas, theaters, malls, as well as in people's homes (after a short training to handle the appliance), Kumar pointed out.

In his words, the laboratory plans to sell the laser within a few months.

The number of those infected with coronavirus in the UAE reached 25 thousand people. 227 died from the virus, nearly 11 000 were healed.


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