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In 2021 China plans over 40 rocket launches into space

In 2021 China is planning over 40 space rocket launches, according to a report by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Radio China reports.
This year, the construction of China's orbital station will enter a crucial stage, and the Tienuan-1 apparatus is due to complete its Mars landing mission. China will also launch a number of satellites for civilian purposes, it said.

This year Beijing has come to the end of this year? ata pa? eTa Nocile Chanzhen-9. B intepuu, zamectney? dipe? Kitajc's? athe? ocmichec? A Yang Hya Yang Yang Yang Yang Yang Yang Yang Yang Jaanto, what is the ocnovnata pa? e e ocigypi? The one? Huh? And that's it? from Lina and Mapc. In addition, the Changzhon-5B Y2 rocket is due to bring into orbit the Chinese space station's main module in the spring. In 2021 and 2022, a total of 11 missions are planned for the final station construction.

The document also shows that in 2020 the main space forces have devoted great importance to the strategic position of the aerospace industry, a total of 114 launches of 1277 units were completed globally, setting the record since 1991.

In 2020 China has carried out 39 launches, sending 89 space apparatus into space, with a total mass of a record 103.06 tonnes, according to the report.

By this indicator, the country ranks second in the world. This year many private satellites for civilian space infrastructure are expected to be launched into space, which to meet the needs of national economic construction and technological development.

In 2021 and 2022, China's manned space mission program will perform 11 launches, including the main and experimental modules of the future orbital station.


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