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Implant may eliminate the need for insulin injections in diabetics

Imagine a device that enables people with diabetes to use an app or remote control to provide themselves with the necessary insulin without an injection. Researchers at Zurich University of Technology have developed a prototype gadget that does just that, using a Taser to control gene expression in encapsulated beta cells, writes a newspaper. Sayons.
The task of beta-cells in the pancreas is to detect the rise in blood sugar levels and in response to produce and release insulin that helps the body process glucose. In people with diabetes, the cells in question are not functioning properly, BTA transmits.

The problem is usually managed by monitoring blood sugar levels and regular administration of insulin injections. Because the practice is invasive, Swiss specialists have explored alternative options.

The final result of their study is a miniature device that can be triggered remotely to release insulin if necessary. The prototype device includes a capsule containing genetically modified human beta cells connected to a printed circuit board that controls them. When the circuit board is activated by a radio signal, an electrical signal is transmitted to the calcium and potassium channels in the beta cells. Thus, the expression of the insulin gene is triggered, which releases the hormone within a few minutes.

The idea is that the device successfully tested on mice with diabetes should be implanted under the skin of patients with diabetes disease. Beta-cells can be electrocuted to release insulin “custom-made” by controlling them by the patient himself, by a doctor or automatically at a preset time.


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