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Holders of some breeds of dogs are more attractive

A dog can help its owner find a mate, but not all breeds are of equal pull for the opposite sex, reported in. The Daily Mail.
Men looking for love like women with chihuahuas or mixed breeds. The most attractive are the holders of the Staffordshire Terrier. They are even more liked by beauties, girls with a friendly character and even the rich ones.

Women prefer gentlemen with cocapoo (cross between cocker spaniel and poodle), Labrador or Jack Russell terrier, BTA reported.

Researchers have posted in meeting apps profiles with photos of men and women with different dog breeds and counted the number of likes and dislikes. So they have found that the holders of some breeds cause much greater interest.

"Adding a photo of a dog is a great idea if you want to have success with dating. This immediately melts the ice and gives an easy topic for conversation,” - said the dating specialist James Pierce. - It also shows that the person is active and good. If a dog loves him, then a man will love him too.”

The research was done for a company for holidays in guest houses that accept dogs.


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