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Here's how many hours a smartphone can infect you with COVID-19

When it is placed on our face, the mask should be set with a pull on the side, not a centerpiece or a tuck, because that's how we pollute it. These are some of the advice of experts to prevent infection with viruses, TV Bulgaria ON AIR broadcasts.
“It is very important to pay attention to the details - how to protect our hands from recontamination: that is, we enter the apartment with potentially infected hands, touch the door handle, touch the bathroom lighting key, touch the tap on the sink, wash, disinfect and with clean hands we repeat on the opposite way this procedure.

We touch the dirty tap, then the knob, this is how to create conditions for new hand infection”, explains the doctor of epidemiology and preventive medicine from the Thracian University Georgi Zhelev.

What needs to be done is with a cotton swab to clean all surfaces that have been touched before the hands are washed. It turns out that the floor is not a surface on which so much importance should be given, since it is difficult to get infected from it.

Treatment of the floor with chlorine can often create respiratory problems and later harder to deal with the coronavirus.

“Many people do not realize how connected we are to our phone, I constantly see all sorts of examples of people washing their hands, sitting at the table, taking out the phone to check messages, etc.

This is the critical moment when the phone can be contaminated, transmit the infection and infect a person”, Zhelev said.

The display is the main, largest and most touched part of all smartphones. It can retain viruses and bacteria for up to 96 hours.

Cleaning can also be done with a wet cloth containing alcohol or a spray for cleaning electronic devices. It is good to do a basic cleaning of the phone at least once a day, the expert advises.


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